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arrow What Is The General Process Like For A Hospital Relocation?

When we’re moving a hospital, the planning process starts up to 18 months out, depending on the scope of the project. It’s important for us to do a site visit at your new hospital to see where the access points and dock areas are. We also begin meeting with all of your hospital department heads regularly—monthly at first, and then weekly as the project progresses.

  • Two months before the hospital opens, we begin to deliver, assemble and place the equipment that was stored in our warehouse. 
  • At three weeks out, we begin moving the non-essential areas of your hospital to the new facility.
  • Closer to opening day, the goal is to move over the last pieces of essential medical equipment, labs, pharmacies and records so patient move day is a smooth process.

We never know what needs you’ll discover on any given job. With our deep experience and expertise, EA Health Services can respond to any need that arises and get it done for you.

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