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White Glove Service


Getting a new healthcare facility ready to open can present many challenges. As time and staffing levels dictate, you may want to consider a full-service approach to the installation and placement of your medical equipment and supplies.

EA Health Services offers complete, turn-key solutions for new and relocating healthcare facilities, including:

  • Working with your staff to compete detailed transition plans
  • Warehousing your equipment until your building is ready to open
  • Delivering your equipment and furniture from the warehouse
  • Assembling, installing and placing all of your inventory into your rooms and labs
  • Stocking your shelves and mounting everything on the walls so your rooms are fully equipped
  • Mounting TVs, hand-sanitizer sets, soap dispensers, paper towel holders and white boards

Our specialist technicians take care of every detail of your installation so you can start seeing patients on your timeline. We manage the entire process with EA HealthTrak, our proprietary, cloud-based warehouse inventory and installation software.

EA Health Services has been providing full, medical-transition management services for some of the largest hospital systems in the U. S. since 2013. We have the experience, staffing and tools to meet any needs you have.


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