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Micro Hospitals


When you are constructing a new micro hospital, installation planning begins months before you open your doors. Staffing in your smaller-scale facility may be limited so bringing in an experienced firm to warehouse, assemble and install your equipment can save you money and keep your timeline on track.  

Before your micro hospital opens, all of your equipment is sent to your warehouse. Before installation day, EA Health Services builds the shelving, put the bins together, stocks all of the supplies in the bins and shrink wraps them, so everything is ready to deliver.

Our team of specialist experts will assemble, install and mount your equipment. We’ll get your shelves up and stock them so you’re able to care for patients as soon as you open your facility.

We manage the entire process with EA HealthTrak, our proprietary, cloud-based warehouse inventory and installation software.

  • Every piece of equipment coming into the warehouse is inventoried and tracked, providing  strict chain of custody to mitigate risk and loss.
  • Each item is documented, photographed and date/time-stamped and signed for.
  • You can monitor your inventory 24/7 from your mobile devices or desktop.
  • When it’s time to deliver, install and place your equipment, the process is expedited with EA HealthTrak’s room-mapping and photographic and documentation.

You can rest assured that your medical equipment is safe with us as we complete your installation.


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