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Equipment Reallocation


When you are closing a hospital or making decommission decisions, reallocating your excess medical equipment may be the most-effective choice. As you consider moving your surplus equipment to other hospitals in your network, meticulous planning is the place to start.

Skilled disassembly and handling, inventory control and transportation are required to distribute your medical equipment. Adding to the complexity, your assets may be shipping to multiple states and locations, throughout your hospital system. The logistics call for experienced resources to manage each stage of the process.

At EA Health Services, we have been managing healthcare transitions for some of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. For reallocation projects, we assist hospital groups by uninstalling, packing and hauling the existing equipment and distributing it throughout your hospital network.

Once our specialist technicians uninstall and disassemble your equipment, we pull the items on the list for each facility, assign the trucks and deliver it to all of your selected locations in the U.S. Our proprietary software, EA HealthTrak,  manages all of the inventory, providing chain of custody and photographic documentation of each reallocated item.

Like every phase of a hospital transition, reallocation requires expertise and detailed coordination. You can rely on us to manage every detail of the process with precision.


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