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Sustainable Moving Crates

Every day, hospitals are focused on infection control.  Preventing pathogens from entering the healthcare setting is one strategy to protect patients. Environmental infection control policies recognize the role that dust and surfaces can play in the spread of germs. Using sanitized bins and crates for relocation offers a healthy option.
Sanitized purge bins and standard crates may prevent some pathogens from entering your new facility during relocation. When you utilize these crates, they can be sanitized and cleaned of microbials. Otherwise, you may be bringing in cardboard cartons that have been sitting in a warehouse for an extended period of time.


At EA Health Services, infection control is always top-of-mind. That’s why we recommend that our clients use sanitized bins made of recycled plastic instead of cardboard boxes. The gondolas and tote bins can be cleared of infection before use and prevent moisture from affecting items in storage. In addition to their infection-control potential, these recycled bins are an environmentally-friendly  alternative to cardboard boxes. 

With 100 years of history managing warehousing and logistics, we have the expertise, staffing and tools in place to manage your transition with the highest possible safety standards.

  • Read the spec sheet on the sustainable moving crates and sanitizing cleaner we use for infection control.
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