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Installation is such a critical phase of a healthcare transition. When your new facility is ready to receive all of your contents, each item must be accounted for, assembled and placed with precision. It’s an enormous challenge to plan and coordinate every logistical detail so you can deliver patient care in time for your ribbon-cutting ceremony. 
Everything must be installed and working properly before your hospital, pharmacy, labs and patients can complete the transition. Depending on the scope of the project, planning may begin as early as 18 months before anything is physically moved. It takes great skill and expertise for installation to be smooth and successful.

With EA Health Services, you’ll have a leader in healthcare facility relocations to manage every facet of your installation process:

  • Planning: Minimize risk and downtime as we plan, coordinate and execute your installation.
  • Warehousing: Secure your medical equipment with our strict chain-of-custody procedures and proprietary inventory software, EA HealthTrak.
  • Assembly: Safeguard your assets as our BioMed technicians assemble your delicate equipment. You can trust them to handle it, correctly.
  • Placement: Get precise placement of all of your equipment with EA HealthTrak, including detailed room-mapping for delivery and photographic documentation of every item in your new facility.

Meticulous planning and experience are required to coordinate the delivery, assembly and placement of your medical equipment. We have been managing healthcare transitions for some of the largest hospital systems in the U. S. for 13 years. It would be our privilege to help you.

  • Warehousing is an important part of an installation plan. Learn more.
  • Read about our specially-trained staff that handles assembly.
  • Contact us for a consultation.

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