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He Grew Up Working On Moving Trucks. Now He’s A CEO.

Staff | 05/11/2021

Chris Jones’ mother was in the moving industry in Nashville, TN. During summer breaks from school, Chris made extra money working on the trucks. After high school, Chris joined the Marine Corps and served in the Gulf War. When his service was complete, he studied at Middle Tennessee State University for a few years and took a management job in the travel industry. It was at that time that a friend lured him back into the moving industry. That was more than 20  years ago.  As his career grew, he came to manage office and commercial moves throughout the U.S. and overseas. In 2009, Chris became CEO of a new venture?a company focused exclusively on healthcare facility transitions. Under his leadership, EA Health Services has become an industry powerhouse in a very specialized field.  When a hospital relocates or expands its facilities, EA Health Services is trusted for its competence and expert management of the entire process. Chris has built the team that delivers these services seamlessly for some of the largest health systems in the nation.

  • Relocation: Planning, Warehousing, Transportation and Move Services 
  • Installation: Planning, Warehousing, Assembly, and Placement
  • Decommission: Planning, Consolidation, Inventory, Relocation, and Transportation
  • Healthcare Equipment Planning
  • Patient Transfer/EMS Service 
  • Surplus Medical Equipment Buyback Services
  • Special Projects

Our relationships with our clients are based on the confidence and trust that we will meet whatever needs they have. When the global supply chain for PPE was hit hard by Covid-19 last year, EA developed a new service to help our health-systems clients meet their urgent needs. They trusted us to receive their PPE directly from overseas manufacturers. With our extensive global logistical capabilities, networks, and resources, we were able to store gross numbers of PPE and medical equipment in our vetted warehouses across the U.S. We distributed it to their sites on a weekly basis and responded daily to relieve hotspots during spikes in hospitalizations. Chris was proud to spearhead this life-saving effort. 

It is always a thrill to play an essential role in a new hospital becoming a reality. In 2015, EA Health Services supported a fully functioning hospital in Alabama with more than 1 million square feet, installed their new facility, maintained the running of the two hospitals concurrently, and completed the relocation without a hitch. 

These outstanding achievements and others are possible when you have a team of experts?who know what to do and how to accomplish each project on time, with everything in place. EA Health Services hires experienced professionals with healthcare and logistics backgrounds, who specialize in medical equipment. Chris considers them as “special forces” teams who are expected to perform with perfection.

Chris feels that he has trained his whole life for what he is doing right now. He plans to continue growing EA Health Services to be the #1 healthcare logistics company in the U.S. and globally. Using our international network and resources, we are well on our way. 

To plan your next medical facility transition, contact EA Health Services at (615) 880-9921 or visit https://www.ea-health.com/ to learn more about our services. You’ll be glad you did.

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