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Surplus Medical Equipment Buyback/Auction

When you are decommissioning medical equipment, your healthcare facility can generate revenue from surplus assets. You can offset the purchase of new equipment or operational expenses without any effort when you utilize an effective, equipment-buyback service.

Most medical facilities don’t have the resources to manage disposition and distribution procedures efficiently. Your staff may not have the time or the contacts it takes to make the arrangements for the auction, sale and transportation of your excess equipment.

EA Health Services helps you streamline the disposition process, maximizing your profits and minimizing the disruption to your facility.

We can purchase your surplus equipment or we can auction it off to get you closer to a zero-out of the cost of what you would pay to clear it from the building. We take care of everything for you and give you a check for the proceeds at the end. 

  • Consolidate and appraise your excess equipment
  • Reallocate, warehouse, and distribute your assets for sale
  • Manage the inventory and transportation for distribution
  • Create a dynamic online auction site with photos and product descriptions
  • Auction surplus equipment for market value to a nationwide audience
  • Take care of all disclosures and chain of custody paperwork

Since 2009, we have been managing healthcare relocations for some of the largest hospital networks in the nation. With EA Health Services, you can have confidence that every step of the decommission process is managed and executed with precision.

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