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During the decommission process, you may want to reallocate some equipment within your hospital network or liquidate it on the secondary market. You may have multiple distribution points across the country. Making these transportation arrangements and tracking the inventory precisely can be a challenge for limited staff resources to accomplish.

EA Health Services can handle all of that for you. Once you make the distribution decisions, we safely handle, transport and deliver your surplus equipment where it needs to go. We document every detail of decommission and distribution with our proprietary, cloud-based inventory software, EA HealthTrak. For peace of mind, you can monitor the location of your equipment from any mobile device, 24/7.

We pull the items on your list for each selected location, assign the trucks and deliver them across the U.S. EA HealthTrak manages all of the inventory, providing strict chain of custody and photographic documentation.

Since 2013, we have been providing healthcare transition services for some of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. You can rely on us to manage every detail of your decommission and distribution process.

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