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Relocation Transportation

Moving your decommissioned medical equipment out of your new facility is the final stage of your hospital relocation. Safe handling and transportation are needed to distribute assets that you no longer need. Finding the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reallocate or liquidate your excess inventory is important for your bottom line.  

Adding to the challenge, your surplus equipment may need to be delivered to multiple locations—for reallocation or for sale on the secondary market. EA Health Services manages the inventory control, packing, hauling and delivery to complete the distribution.

  • Local: We handle the relocation of any assets to facilities in your local area.
  • Interstate: We safely transport and deliver equipment to multiple campuses in your hospital network, throughout the U.S.
  • Asset Liquidation: We buyback and remove your surplus equipment for auction so you can offset the cost of clearing the building.

We pride ourselves in being our clients’ trusted partner in the decommission and distribution process. You can rely on us to safely handle sensitive medical equipment and move it to its next destination.

EA Health Services can manage every step of the decommission process for you. We have been handling relocations for some of the largest hospital networks in the U.S. since 2013.

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