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At this point in your hospital relocation, all of your medical equipment has been moved to your new campus—your existing items and new purchases. It’s time to go through everything to identify which assets are still needed and which are redundant. Then, you can decide whether to reallocate or decommission them.
It’s easier to determine which assets are surplus when you physically consolidate your equipment.

We gather up the equipment on each floor to a certain area so you can visually assess your inventory. You may want to reallocate some assets to another hospital in your network. The rest can be auctioned-off so you can offset the costs of clearing it from the building.

Our proprietary software, EA HealthTrak, manages your inventory and tracks each item for reallocation and disposition. Then, we manage the packing, hauling and delivery to complete the distribution.

Since 2013, we have been managing healthcare relocations for some of the largest hospital networks in the U. S. With EA Health Services, you can have confidence that every step of your transition is being managed and executed with precision.

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