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Ewing-Apex Health Services (EA Health Services) is one of the newest health care logistics firms in the United States. The company launched in 2022 after veteran award-winning relocation companies Ewing Moving & Storage, Inc. and Apex Health Services joined forces to create an entity designed to expand their reach and take health care and specialty relocations to another level. 

At the helm are industry leaders Charles Ewing, Sr., President & CEO of Ewing Moving & Storage and Chris Jones, CEO of Apex Health. EA Health Services leverages over 45 years of combined experience to provide hospitals and other health care organizations with a premium solution for relocation and/or expansion of its facilities, along with an innovative and diverse choice to manage the entire process. Headquartered in Nashville, TN, EA Health Services is the first health care logistics firm with majority minority ownership in the United States. We pride ourselves in that fact and have plans to use this unique opportunity to open many doors within the industry for ourselves and others who believe in the power of diversity as strongly as we do. EA Health Services assists companies all over the country and provides a variety of services that include: 

  • Health Care Centric Relocation for hospitals, labs, clinics, behavioral rehabilitation centers, stand-alone surgery centers and ED’s 
  • Relocation Transition Management
  • Hospital and Health Care Facility Decommissioning 
  • Surplus Equipment Buyback and Onsite Auctions to help offset the relocation and decommission costs
  • Medical Equipment Warehousing and Inventory Control Solutions utilizing EA Health Trak software
  • Health Care Equipment Planning 
  • OFOI Equipment Assembly, Deployment, and Installation
  • Health Care Furniture Sales and New and Used Medical Equipment Sales 
  • Certified Medical Equipment Appraisals
  • Asset Tagging 
  • Implementation Management for imaging equipment and other similar sized equipment installations
  • Patient Transfer/EMS 
  • Special Projects which include full white-glove services to onsite project management

When relocating life-saving facilities there is no margin for error. Our time-tested process and unique software allows us to make multi-faceted relocation and storage easier and less time-consuming. Allow EA Health Services to provide the leadership, logistics, and care needed to put your mind at ease and get the job done right.

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